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Pull Requests

Contributions to this repository are accepted via GitHub Pull Requests.

Commit Messages

DCO and Signed-off-by

When contributing changes to this project, you must agree to the DCO. Commits must include a Signed-off-by: header which certifies agreement with the terms of the DCO.

Using -s with git commit will automatically add this header.

Requesting Reviews

Use the GitHub reviewers field to request reviews from a specific individual. Be sure to also select "re-request review" after making changes in response to a past review to ensure the reviewer knows it's ready for another look.

Merge Criteria

  • Pull requests should receive at least one approval before merging.
  • CI should be passing.
  • Every person who is on the list of reviewers should be given a chance to weigh in before merging. 24 hours is a good general rule, but if the PR is small and the reviewers are all active, it's fine to merge sooner. If a PR is large, complex, or controversial, waiting longer would make sense. Use your best judgment. Note that a PR will not automatically merge until the review is complete or the review request is removed.
  • The hold label must not be present on the PR. Ensure that whoever added the hold is OK with removing the label before the PR is merged. There is no timeout on the hold label for when someone else should remove it unless the reviewer who placed the hold is unavailable for a significant period.
  • PRs must have either the has-design or no-design-requied label applied. This is to confirm that a design document has been produced if appropriate.
  • PRs must have either the has-docs or no-docs-required label applied. This is to confirm that user-facing documentation has been produced if appropriate.
  • PRs must have either the has-tests or no-tests-required label applied. This is to confirm that tests have been produced if appropriate.

We use Mergify to automatically merge PRs that meet the above criteria. See the Mergify configuration for more details.


These are guidelines, not hard rules. Committers have earned the trust of others to use their best judgment in each situation.