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Running the integration tests


Prior to running the integration tests, you must start the kind-based development environment. See the Run on Kubernetes docs for further details.

Using Docker

You can simply:

make e2e

Using podman

Since the test containers require CAP_NET_ADMIN only rootful podman can be used. To run the tests requires a little more gymnastics. This assumes you have podman-docker installed since testcontainers rely on mounting /var/run/docker.sock inside the reaper container.

# Build test images in rootful podman
sudo make test-images
# Compile integration tests
go test -c --tags=integration ./integration-tests/...
# Run integration tests using rootful podman

Run a Specific Test

You can run a specific integration test by setting NEX_TEST to a regex. For example:

NEX_TEST='^TestProxyEgress$' make e2e


NEX_TEST='TestFeatures/organization-api/Show_basic_organization_api_in_action' make e2e